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What do hope and chronic illness have to do with one another?

In a word, everything.

When we allow our hope to extinguish, we forfeit our purpose. We miss the vibrant beauty of life and we neglect the joy of this very moment. We stray from our compass and lose our way.

The CDC cites that about half of all Americans (117 million people) are affected by one or more chronic health conditions. The AARDA (American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association) articulates that one in five suffer from autoimmune diseases, with estimates indicating that 75 percent of those are women. What’s more: the risk of depression and divorce rates are significantly higher in those plagued by chronic illness (25 to 33 percent and nearly 75 percent, respectively).

How do we tackle these staggering challenges and bring light into the lives of others?

By spreading awareness and hope. One person at a time.

Last October, my world changed. I looked back at my “littered” past and saw a beautiful cornucopia of events that challenged me to be a better woman. From miscarriage and divorce to veritable homelessness and a painful chronic illness diagnosis nearly simultaneously, everything I thought was working against me helped me find my voice. And with that voice, I found my lifelong passion: helping others. As long as I’m alive, I will work to spread hope to those who feel they’ve lost their way; as long as I breathe, I will never allow another soul to walk this path alone.

Through my websites, (hopecourageinspiration.com and everydayhopemsgs.com), books, speaking engagements and Every Day Hope inspirational messages, I intend to spread hope to others living with incurable autoimmune and chronic illnesses by providing daily inspiration through a consistent and deliberate focus on gratitude, positive growth and a powerful mindset. My mission is to raise societal awareness of the prevalence of autoimmune and chronic diseases through the #hopelives movement to not only increase the effectiveness and affordability of treatment programs, but also to encourage innovative research to find a cure.


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