Lora’s HOPE Method for Dealing with RA

HOPE: [noun]
– a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen

What do you hope for today?

To close your hands? To have full mobility? To not have RA? To not feel the debilitating fatigue of this disease? To hug your kids without wincing in pain? To work a full day? To be free of prednisone? To kick your methotrexate to the curb? To open a can of tomatoes?

No matter how simple .. we always have hope.

In fact, if you really think about it .. Our hope is endless.

One of my mentors gave me a rubber bracelet – with a simple message: good life. He encouraged me to tap this bracelet every time I had a negative or non-productive thought .. Any thought that would stray me from my purpose .. Anything that could stray me from my good life.

Although I giggled at the time, the bracelet had a profound impact on how I chose (and choose) to live my days. I found myself tapping it more and more often – as a sign of overcoming adversity that had no purpose in my purpose.

I want to share the gift I was given that day .. With you.

It’s something that you can always carry with you.  It’s my HOPE method.  It’s easy – every time you feel RA bringing you down, just think of the HOPE you carry inside you .. The HOPE you have from within:
H – honor my body
O – own my disease
P – prevail through action
E – empower my thoughts

Honor my body. RA means that we’re required to have a higher level of respect for our bodies, from what we put into our bodies to what we do with our bodies. Treat your body as if it’s a temple – because it is. Treat it with love, respect and care – both in your diet and your physical fitness.

Own my disease. There’s no cure. But there are phenomenal ways to mitigate symptoms and slow the disease. Be your own biggest advocate – be the captain of your medical team. Take steps to stay informed and work your treatment plan.

Prevail through action. Sometimes, action will be the last thing you want to do, but, believe me, it’s the most critical thing that you can do in fighting for your health. When the last thing you want to do is go to the gym, or walk, or take your injections, or pay attention to the food you consume – trust me – you must do it.  You must do it for YOU. Keep your mindset strong and take action.

Empower my thoughts. A strong mindset is the single-most important component of your treatment. A mind defeated leaves the body no chance. Sure, there will inevitably be negativity, tough times, hard knocks. But that doesn’t mean that you have to allow anything in that you don’t choose. Choose to only allow the good, the productive, the love, the vision for a better future.

Go ahead .. Put on your bracelet of HOPE. And, each time you feel the dark approach, tap your wrist and remember that you have all the HOPE in the world.

RA doesn’t have you.

You have YOU.

Be the light you wish to see. HOPE.


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