RA Awareness Bands Have Arrived!

“We came to live life like nobody’s watching…”

From one of my favorite songs, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us.”

Any time life or RA gets you down, remember that we’re designed to thrive in life, to thrive with RA.  I channel it by listening to music sometimes .. I’ve found some incredibly positive music throughout my life that I will share with you, at some point.

We were made to thrive in this beautiful life.

Spread the word that you’re thriving with RA!

Order your RA Awareness Bands here!

RA Awareness Bands


4 thoughts on “RA Awareness Bands Have Arrived!

  1. Kathy renfrow says:

    Hi Lora, I just came across this blog of yours. I had no idea things were that bad with your divorce and I lived next door. I know you are definitely a much different, happy person now and I’m happy for you. When were you diagnosed with RA? Mine came last October 2012. Would love to talk to you about treatments and what you find that works. I have lots of good info. And a wonderful doctor in Calif I see when I can get down there. Please email me if you’d like. Chattykathy4@yahoo.com


    • Kathy,

      So wonderful to hear from you, and I’m so glad you found the blog! Everything happens for a reason, and we’re all given challenges that help us to become the person we’re meant to be. 🙂

      I’m so sorry to hear that you also live with RA. Mine was diagnosed in 2010, although I was symptomatic for 2 years prior.

      I would love to chat more, and I will definitely email you!

      Big hugs and thank you for reaching out!



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