Your Life: A Beautiful Paradox

She sits alone beneath the stately oak tree, a subtleĀ smile on her face. She’s reflecting on her story, understanding her place.

She’s laughed and cackled and giggled and smirked. She’s grumbled and growled and even been irked.

She’s stomped onĀ hot coals and danced through broken glass. She’s soared through the clouds and fallen on her ass.

She’s made mistakes and blunders, and she sometimes bumbles through life. Yet she’s a woman, a friend, and a sister and a wife.

She’s lost and loved and stared fear in the face. She’s scratched and clawed in this life that we race.Ā When the chips were down and all bets were off, she threw up a rope and climbed to the top.

She’s fallen from grace, tears streaking down her face. She’s pushed through the pain and refused RA’sĀ reign.

She’s sang at the top of her lungs, and danced past midnight. She’s readied for battle and takesĀ this disease to daylight.

She’s laughed, she’s cried, she’s clawed and she’s fought .. Agonized, screamed and caught deep in thought.

She’s been a nobody to somebody and a somebody to a prince.

She’s chaotic, and organized, and boisterous, but timid.

She’s ready, and patient, and excited, but deliberate.

She’s honest, anĀ optimist, a coach,Ā butĀ a student.

Her intensity pulsesĀ just beneath the surface, and each day is spent walking her new-found purpose.

ThisĀ mission has been with her from the start, but she’s only just realized it’s her own work of art.

A messageĀ she hopes to share with the world… Her hurts, her joys, her life. Unfurled.

Her lifeĀ isĀ beautifully complex, the perfect paradox.

She’s scared, yet ready, for what’s in store. She hopes that she can offer others even more.

More hope, more love, more courage and inspiration.

More laughter, more smiles, more zest, and information.

She sits and smiles below that stately oak tree. She whispers softly, “Please, Lord. I want to shareĀ the inspiration that IĀ see.”