Live to Full Potential

Living with rheumatoid arthritis (or any autoimmune disease, for that matter) can make for difficult mornings… Fighting through pain, swelling, a heavy heart and a mindset that’s challenged at every turn… It’s far from easy .. Or simple.

We’re poked, prodded and doctor appointment-ed to death.

The sheer unpredictability of RA rips the proverbial rug from under us, leaving us bruised and confused.

And when the crushing fatigue sets in, it’s incredibly tempting to throw in the towel.

Many of us – including myself – have woken up thinking, “Why me?”


I’ve been there… I’ve not walked in your exact shoes, but I can certainly relate.

Why should we keep going?

Why should we forge ahead?

Haven’t we been dealt a hand that very few understand?

I contend that this life is worth living, to it’s fullest potential.

Yes, there will be days when we’re kicked to the curb, gassed by turn one of the course and crawling on all fours.

But there will be many, many more days where we’ll sing at the top of our lungs, laugh until we cry and dance as if no one’s watching.

Make one of those days TODAY.

Start somewhere.

We’re only gifted one first moment of the day, each day.  That moment can (and often does) set the tone for the next 15 or so hours.  Choose to smile in that first moment .. It may be a “grin and bear it” smile, but that’s all it takes!


When you wake up, set aside 30 minutes to jot down a few things you’re thankful for .. A few things that went well yesterday .. A few things you’d like to accomplish today.  Take a moment to read something inspiring – a book, a blog, an article.  Meditate .. Think on things that you wish for, set attainable goals, visualize achieving those goals.

My morning calendar looks like this:
5:57 am – alarm goes off
6:15 am – get up and make coffee (yes, I hit “snooze” twice:)
6:20 am – in office: read devotional, Bible, inspirational
6:30 am – meditate, draw out day and set intentions + priorities.
7:10 am – check email
7:15 am – get ready for the gym (clothes are already laid out)
7:25 am – leave for gym, workout is 1 hr, 15 minutes (including 5 minutes in the sauna)

I share my calendar with you not only to remain accountable to promises I make to myself, but to also show how these seemingly small habits can begin to generate an engine of positivity and focus – at least they have for me.  And once that engine gets going, there’s no stopping it.

Begin living your full potential today.

Live your dream.  You CAN do it.


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