Finding Your Compass

There are days when the sea of life crashes over our bow.

Between the stress of our days and living with rheumatoid arthritis, it can be overwhelming.

Relentless.  Scary.  And confusing.

But amidst the turmoil of life, a small voice from within calls softly.

Sometimes, the voice is so subtle that it’s lost in the noise.

But she’s there; she’s always there.

I call her my compass.

i've been

My faith in God is my sail.

My hope for the future is my rudder.

My everyday focus is my compass.

My compass .. She’s built from a lot of things, really. She’s part attitude of gratitude, part perpetual learner, part reader, part leader, part community lover, part gym rat. She’s part innate positivity and draws from lessons learned. She’s pushed me to tears of joy and howls of frustration. She’s drug me by the ear, whacked me with humility and put me in time-out. She’s lifted the sun on my face, blown the wind at my back and guided my steps when I was blind. She’s part goofus and klutz, part writer and realist. She’s forever an optimist and she’s quite the idealist. She’s never been a quitter and always keeps me honest. She’s a laugher, a fighter and a bear-hugger. She’s part ridiculous, part tom-boy, part introvert, part extrovert.  She’s decisive and swift, impressionable and courageous.

She’s taught me a lot, especially lately.

With so many distractions in our lives today, it’s easy to fall off course.

It’s simple to fall into a pattern of negativity.

Of pain.

Of despair.

Of defeat.

I’m guilty.

And while it takes some work to get back on track, your compass is always there.

Clear the noise, and you’ll hear her.

She’s there.

The more you focus on positive possibilities, the more power and substance you give to those possibilities.  And with that focus, the voice becomes louder, clearer.

unrelenting attn

Choose to focus on the things you wish to create, the things you love, the good you seek to spread .. Allow your compass to navigate your life; create your reality in faith of the positive possibilities .. And rely on Him as your guide and sail.

Hear that voice from within say, “You can do this.”

Because you can.

With focus and faith, all things are possible.

if one advances confidently