Infinite Possibility

This moment, this day, this week .. They are your chapters to write. The pen is poised in your hand; the story is a song from your heart.

Today, this very day, is yours to claim. To label. To categorize. To remember.

Is today a good day?

Is there any reason as to why it shouldn’t be?

Sure, there will be obstacles. Some that I can’t even fathom, some that I can. There will be hardships, sorrow and blows that will knock us to our knees.

But there also will be joy .. And there’s no limit to the joy you can create. There will be gratitude and laughter and love. The possibilities are infinite.

There is no limit to this day .. To the joy you can feel and live. To the thankfulness that can course through your veins. To the laughter that can emanate from your soul.

Refuse to bow to the difficulties and lift your eyes to the possibilities of this day.

Yes, it will take strength. Yes, it will require courage. Yes, you will be operating on faith.

And you will be taking a stand.

Insist that today is great. Mandate joy in your life. Set laughter as a pre-requisite.

This is your day to live as you choose.

Choose to live with joy and to feel the infinite possibilities all around you.

each day


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