Enthusiasm as Energy

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Life is unpredictable and you can’t control what comes to you or occurs beyond you, but you can control your reaction. There will always be events, circumstances and people who have the potential to bring you down. But your attitude is always your choice; enthusiasm and seeing your world positively is always your choice.

Leave the downward spiral untouched; instead, choose to “spiral up.”  Find a powerful, productive and purposeful way to respond to life’s challenges. Choose a uniquely positive reaction prior to even reacting. This constructive choice creates new feelings; new feelings create new actions; new actions create new habits. Be habitually enthusiastic and feel your energy increase.

Negative thoughts affect more than just your mind; they seep into every crevice of your body’s energy. They flow through your psyche, your physical being and your life. Give yourself permission to eradicate negativity in your life.

Allow enthusiasm to be your warrior of hope today and feel its powerful energy source. Instead of allowing the outside world’s negativity to dictate your reactions, make the proactive choice to “spiral up” and enthusiastically embrace all the positive possibilities that are yours to live.

spiral up


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