Worry Less

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message::

Life will twist, turn and catch us off-guard. Its sheer unpredictability is what makes it so precious and so powerfully beautiful. Today, the most productive action you can take is to discard your worries.

Worry allows fear to have a stranglehold on your vision, your life, your legacy. It impedes your hopes and your dreams; it paralyzes your gratitude and your potential. It is poison to your spirit that empties today of its strength. And it does not change outcomes or the ebb and flow of your life.

It takes strength, peace of mind and decisive action to destroy worry, and you most certainly have the power to do so. You only have one life, *this* life. Why waste the peace of this very moment? By choosing joy and gratitude over worry, you manifest tranquility in your soul.

Consciously choose to see the beauty – even in the challenging moments. Take time to breathe deeply and calmly and center yourself on the strength you possess. Allow the richness of a life without worry to point your way forward.



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