Take the Stairs

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Obstacles, complications and problems are part of life’s ebb and flow. At times, the challenges in your path can feel insurmountable. You can feel battered, bruised and broken; your heart can feel heavy. The path is not always easy.

But you have a choice on how you interpret these challenges. You can choose to think a different way about life’s obstacles; you can choose to point yourself forward.

Think of the obstacles on your journey through life. These are the building blocks to a set of stairs – your stairs. Each step symbolizes the hard work you do to better your life. They are built, piece by piece, when you choose to overcome life’s challenges. With each obstacle, your staircase grows taller, one step at a time.

Before long, your staircase reaches far into the air, far above your head, far above the obstacles its made of, far into your future.

Take that first step up. Then another. And another. Feel the soaring gratitude for the challenges you have overcome to build this staircase – this bridge – that leads you over your troubles and to your very best, most courageous self. This staircase leads you forward and you have the strength to start today.

The future is forward and it is yours, if you are willing to take the stairs.

future is forward


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