Let Go of Guilt

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Your life is full and wonderful, just how you sit. Your journey has not been easy and it has sculpted your heart into a beautiful treasure map of experience. There have been highs and there have been lows.

Do not allow guilt of the past to strip the peace of the present. Do not let shame steal the joy of now.

Your worth stems from something far greater, far bigger, and it is grounded in love. No person, no deed, no mistake can ever take that from you.

Dwelling on pain soaks the present moment with hurt, and you miss opportunities to write your legacy. Guilt is only your perception; it is how you choose to deal with your past. But it does no good and it serves no positive purpose in your destiny.

Life is difficult. But even through the challenges, life points toward your purpose. Watch carefully, and you will see that your passion and your purpose trace all the way to the deepest part of your pain.

Choose to forgive yourself; choose to release the guilt and the shame. Unhinge the stronghold that they have on your life. You are clothed in strength. Use that strength to move forward today.

passion purpose


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