Power in the No

Audio Version of the Every Day Hope Message:

When life delivers a resounding “no” to one of your deepest hopes, look carefully. There is meaning behind the door that has closed. Every “no” issued in your life is to keep you from missing a far greater “yes.”

Do not dwell on the disappointment of the “no” moment. Instead, look beyond and search for the greater purpose to which you are called. There is a far more powerful eventual outcome that you are meant to realize. Choose to see it, choose to feel it, choose to believe it. Look for the lesson, the blessing, the opportunity, the directional arrow that points you forward.

Life’s most precious gifts aren’t neatly wrapped and tied with a bow. The real blessings wear a cloak of true grit and are unveiled by doing the hard work. And you most certainly have the strength to reveal the opportunities that surround you.

Begin to look at the “no’s” in your life differently. Choose to see them for what they are: powerful, purposeful gifts along the road of life. When one door closes, another door will most certainly open.

power of no

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