From Within

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Just as a power plant generates electricity, you also have the power to generate joy. You have the ability to feel happiness in every moment.

Happiness is not a product of your environment; it is not something that can be bought, sold or traded. Happiness is simply the way you choose to be.

Don’t allow life’s challenges to distract you. Instead, radiate happiness from within. Because that is where it all starts.

You can just as easily choose happiness, as you can choose gloom and sadness. Choose to be happy and start today.

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a slow-burning ember in your soul and it radiates the joy you choose to feel in every moment. And it is contagious.

Share your happiness habitually; warm those around you with the positivity you radiate. Choose to make an imprint on the world and bring great value to those around you.

Start your journey today: generate joy and choose to live with happiness in every moment.

happiness can be found


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