Anger’s Eclipse

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Do you wear anger to eclipse life’s sadness? Do you hide from joy as a coping mechanism for the loss you’ve experienced?

Your journey has been difficult, even grueling at times, but there is no reason to withhold happiness from your life. It’s actually all the more reason you need joy in every moment.

Look around you. Incredible abundance abounds. It’s everywhere, if you choose to see it. Similarly, you have to want to see joy to experience it. See it, embrace it, invite it, let it stay a while. Choose to live your best, fullest life by embracing the positive possibilities all around you.

Release the anger inside and feel your heart bloom. Let go of resentment and open your eyes to the goodness that is your life.

You can only experience one emotion at a time. Which one do you want to feel?

Live today with joy and watch your world open with rays of sun to light your path.

all new life


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