Easy Isn’t Worth It

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Who you are is much bigger than the experiences you’ve been through and the sum of your trials. Yes, you have struggled, but you are here now. And in a life that feels difficult, the easy road is tempting. But easy isn’t worth it.

The way to bring real value to this day – and every day – is to do the hard work. The best way to begin is to take one step forward. Then another. And another. Your progress may feel slow at first, but each action brings you one step closer to experiencing the real value this day has to offer. Work to move the needle in your life in every moment.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Although life is difficult, celebrate the small victories. Release the tendency to punish yourself for not being perfect. Negative self-talk serves no value in your success or your purpose.

Material things will not make you happy. Rather, you will find happiness when you allow yourself to be happy.

Choose to take the road less traveled today. Instead of opting for easy, decide to do the hard work that enables you to live authentically and truest to your purpose. Your dreams are a beautiful expression of your authentic self; choose to make them your reality. Ditch the easy and claim your dreams today.

lofty goals


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