Powerful Peace

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

The challenges you experience in life may bring you to your knees. They can worm into your heart, your mindset, your spirit and try to steal your peace; they can siphon your resolve and spew sadness, loneliness, pain and fear.

That is not your path. You are a Warrior. You choose to live powerfully present in every moment and work through every obstacle. You choose to see light in the darkness.

Yes, the pain may sear, shake and scorch, but you are stronger than you imagine.

To bring real peace to today, do not resist your hardships. Own them. This is where your power lies. By refusing to worry about the future and accepting your past, the present transforms into an echo of hope, an unending echo that reverberates throughout the day and your life, should you choose to hear it.

Living powerfully present in each moment means that you witness even the smallest opportunities for joy and gratitude. It means your mindset shifts to focus on the positive possibilities that light a sometimes-dark world.

Peace comes from within. It comes from forgiveness. It comes from appreciating the past. It comes from looking forward to the future. It comes from loving yourself. It comes from owning your life. It comes from living powerfully present in every moment you are alive.

Life is a gift and you are a Warrior. Live today in powerfully present peace and you will light the world around you.

peace to today


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