Your Story

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Your story is beautiful, brilliant colors on the canvas of life. You’ve experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. You’ve scraped bottom, conquered demons and rose above the challenges from which most would shrink, yet you’ve barely scratched the surface of your strength.

You’re quiet, solemn; you suffer in silence. Pain garners for control in your life but you do not relinquish. You are a fighter. You are a Warrior.

The smile you wear hides layers of pain and strife, experienced too early, learned too intimately and felt too deeply. Your body revolts within you, turning itself upon itself, but you persevere through the problems. Because it’s what you do.

People know you, but most don’t *know* you. You bury the hurt as best you can. You live a life in a perpetual state of optimism: tomorrow will be better.

As you face positive opportunities to bring joy to life, you seize them. And in those moments, you touch your dreams, exploring them, cherishing them. Because, without dreams, who are we?

Someday, somehow, we’ll cure this beast, the one that assaults our bodies. For in the souls of millions of Warriors, that dream is dearest. Until then, we’ll live in the joy of every moment, turning challenges into bountiful opportunities and we’ll persevere, giving our all until all gives way.

This is your story and your canvas; it is exquisite, unique and unfolding still. And you are strong, brave and fearless; you are a Warrior.

your story and strength


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