More than Meets the Eye

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Your pain can feel cavernous and sprawling as an underground mine. And just as that mine is more than meets the surface, so is your struggle. Nearly undetectable to the untrained eye, you shield the hurt below.

But you have battle armor. It is called faith.

Faith in a dark spell requires resolve. It demands diligence; it praises perseverance. The road is littered with frustration and hard work. This path is not for the faint of heart.

It’s easy to be passive, allowing life’s pain to upend your mindset. It’s much more challenging to arm yourself with proactive faith, and it’s worth it when you choose to do so.

Real, vibrant faith in the positive is both difficult and sustainable, and it requires that you never give up, that you never give in, no matter the odds, no matter the trauma. Proactive faith is built on more than meets the eye.

It demands that you always believe in the possibilities, for your hopes and dreams are not dormant, nor lost. It soothes in the storm of a struggle and helps you up after a dashing blow. It quickens your pulse and brightens your world in triumph, and it’s been walking with you all along. Harness that faith, recruit its stronghold, invite it to enable you in your journey.

No challenge is too lofty, no dark spell too deep, when you’re armored with true faith, you’ve got all you need.

proactive faith


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