A Life You Create

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Even in good times, it is easy to doubt our strength and capability for joy and abundance, and in challenging times, it is infinitely more difficult to keep our heart and mind strong. When we obsess about the bad and dwell on the worst, we open the door for the dark to slither into our mindset.

If you live with the constant expectation that something bad is going to happen, you miss all of the opportunities for happiness and hope. You also likely fulfill the vision of doom you’ve created in your own mind.

Living in fear and expecting the worst robs you of the joy of the present moment. It lies to your mindset and strips you of strength.

Take a brave step forward today. Choose to consciously build the world around you, brick by brick, by virtue of the things you think about and the prism through which you see the world. Your life and your world are what you make them. Enable your self-fulfilling prophecy to be one of strength, abundance, gratitude and joy. Only *you* have the key to your true happiness.

Not all days will be easy and much will be required of you. But the work you do to see the best in everything will mean that much more when you look back on the journey of your life.

“The life you experience is the life you create for yourself.” ~Ralph Marston

self fulfilling prophecy


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