Life’s Storm Showers

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

We endure seasons of rain to water the gardens of our hearts; showers of tears saturate the soil of our souls. Clouds and storms blow through the lush landscape of our lives, preparing us for spells of growth. Rather than be free of rain and dry as the desert where sand is tossed in every direction, these showers cultivate rich, strong soils, the foundation for life.

And when it feels as if the rain will never stop, think of your heart as a vibrant rainforest, teeming with thick, brilliant colors and dynamic growth.

On earth, the rainforest earns its name from its nearly continual rainfall, accounting for unparalleled growth and vegetation. In fact, over fifty percent of the world’s species of plants and animals are found within the rainforest. It is an incredible testament to the beauty that storms bring. In times of strife, remember the rainforest.

Allow life to water your rainforest and choose to see the positive possibilities that unfold in the wettest of seasons. Just as quickly as the showers come, so does the sun, clearing the clouds of obstacles and pain. Choose to live this day in gratitude and fulfillment for all the beauty that is to come.

“He said ‘I bring tears into your life to water the soil of your heart; otherwise the goodness would be lost. These tears bring the richness to your life, and I allow beauty to spring forth in My good time.’” ~Faith Hellyer

positive possibilities - rainforest


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