Choose Joy in Your Reality

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Joy does not simply happen to us. Joy is a conscious choice. In moments of sorrow or hardship or despair, joy is not the easy choice. But choosing to see joy – the blessing in a moment of strife – is always an option. Joy is the reality that allows hope to coexist in a world of pain.

Circumstances happen to us. And perhaps we are a magnet for challenges in certain periods of our lives; it is nearly inevitable. And although we cannot choose our circumstances, we most certainly can choose to react with a unique and powerful perspective.

Every moment has many sides to it. There are simultaneous opportunities for despair and for joy in the reality in which we live. At first, the nugget of hope may be difficult to see, but recognize it, cherish it and seize it in that moment.

In doing so, you develop your own capacity for choosing joy in future moments; you build momentum. In every situation, you are more apt to discern the hope within the challenge you face. Life unfolds as it will, but you control the reality you experience.

It requires strength to recognize and accept the joy in challenging moments, but you are a Warrior and you most certainly have the power to do so. Embrace joy and all that life has to offer, even in troubling times.

joy is the reality


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