Step Out of the Shadows

Audio Version of the Every Day Hope Message:

Much of your pain remains hidden, clothed in the camouflage of a forced smile, stowed from view in the depths of your soul. You press on through life, weathering your storms privately, always wearing that smile. You fight, scratch and claw, but no one knows the battles you wage. Your faceless battles are suffered in silence.

But when you isolate your pain, you isolate yourself from help and the beauty of companionship. You are not meant, nor built, to face life’s challenges alone. Remove the pain from your secret vault and share it with someone who can receive it, someone you trust.

If you fear that sharing your problems will be a bother to your friends, think differently. When you entrust a good friend with your struggle, you honor that friend and you honor your friendship.

Layers of hurt stem from your condition and circumstances, but often the most painful wounds are the intangible, the isolation you face. Make the choice to share your journey. Step out of the shadows, honor a trusted friend and lean on someone today.

step out of the shadows


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