The Shackles of Judgment

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Today’s world is shackled by the unceasing exchange of opinions and judgments of one another. Fraught by first impressions, shoulds, coulds and have nots, we parade through a world that runs only skin deep.

What would happen if we abandoned the inclination of passing judgment of others? Imagine having no need to judge anyone at all. What would the world look like if we – you and I – simply pushed back from the table of deciding on good, bad, or socially acceptable?

Judgment is a cumbersome, heavy burden, affecting the judger just as much as the person being judged. It is a slow, inky poison that breeds doubt and insecurity in our own minds.

We gradually become our thoughts. Think carefully, think critically and think for yourself. Release the tendency to cast judgment on others whether you know them or not. Be the light you wish to see in the world; be the vision of your hero.

Release the shackles of judgment today. True inner freedom can be felt only when our soul is quiet.

true inner freedom


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