Set Yourself Free

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

When we let go of judging others, we must also let go of the judgments passed on ourselves – by our own ego and those around us. As long as we continue to define our worth by what we do, what we have and what others think about us, we will remain consumed with and manipulated by the world’s whims.

Instead, allow compassion, forgiveness and peace to serve as your guides. Release the need to react to the world’s provocations and look within your soul. Forgive past hurts, center your expectations within and redefine what peace looks like in your life.

Live *your* authentic dreams and fulfill *your* authentic vision. Reject what the material world expects of you and refuse to hear its shallow judgments.

Quit the codependency of living up to the world’s vision. Refuse the stronghold of useless opinions in your life. Move forward consciously and deliberately. Step out of judgment, set yourself free and seize the powerful opportunities that are all around you.

define our worth


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