The First Step

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Every success starts with the decision to try, the belief that you can achieve and the purest hope in the possibilities. Every accomplishment is born from the conscious choice that you will not stay where you are or as you are; you are destined to reach high and to reach wide.

And while the first step toward your ambition is often the most difficult, it’s also one of the most rewarding, for it’s in *that* moment of reaching deep within that you excavate your authentic faith in the most profoundly positive opportunities.

Dream as big as your imagination allows and arm yourself for this journey; remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Take that courageous first step and build your momentum by taking one step, then another, and another.

The first step in completing the task, accomplishing your dreams or fulfilling your purpose starts with you. And before anyone else in the world believes in your mission, you must.

Embrace the audacity to change your life for the better and start today by taking that first step.

embrace the audacity


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