What Makes Your Soul Smile

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Every day, make a conscious effort to do at least one thing that makes your soul smile. A soul smile stems from something as simple as a favorite hobby or as complex as a new adventure in life. Whatever it is, it’s an activity that connects you with YOU. It is a reflection of your truest, purest self, and your heart swoons for it.

When your soul smiles, you positively impact your perception of life’s circumstances and challenges. The act alone offers you a fresh perspective from which to draw strength and inspiration and it helps to counter-balance what’s inevitably an imbalanced world around you.

A soul smile cuts through the meaningless noise of the world and reconnects you with what you value most. It is the embodiment of recognizing and freely celebrating joy in the moment.

No matter what happens around you, you possess the unique ability to reconnect with your authentic self and seize clarity in choppy seas. Choose to step away from the world’s whims today and passionately invest in moments that make your soul smile.

soul smile


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