This is Your Life

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

This is your life.

It is beautifully poignant and relatable, even when it feels tragically lonesome.
It is purely, uniquely your story, breathed one day to the next, no matter the challenge, no matter the circumstance.
This is your life.

It is a legend of heroism, of bravery, of courageous perseverance, flying in the face of all odds and trials.
It is a legacy of hope, hard work and the drive to consciously seize the powerful opportunities that exist in every breathtaking moment.
This is your life.

It is unbridled joy, unconventional audacity and unhindered passion for the positive possibilities.
It is a story of compassion and an uncommon gratitude for all things intangible.
This is your life.

It is a lesson in faith for the uninspired and a story of conscious inspiration for the down-trodden.
It is the mark of determination in the face of defeat, strong-fibered optimism despite the odds and the sheer will to succeed over all else.
This is your life.

It is your empowering legacy to the world.
It is your enthusiastic belief in the incredible opportunities of right now.
It is your love letter to the person you once were and the person you are becoming right now.
This is YOUR life.

this is your life


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