Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Only you understand the poignant and sometimes painful journey you’ve walked. Only you know the hurt you’ve endured to get to this point. Only you understand the impact of a diagnosis that changed your unique life in an instant.

No matter the road you’ve walked, you are never alone; your pain is not in vain and your legacy is not lost. You, alone, have the power to architect your thoughts; you are empowered to create the reality that is ultimately yours.

Regardless of the odds or the lengths you’ve walked to get to this point, your story is important. What matters now is where you are going and who you choose to be. For every moment of angst, there is an opportunity for gratitude and the possibility to embrace joyful compassion. Search for the simple, small moments and seize that joy, even in the face of difficulty.

Let positivity upheave any negative inclinations and allow optimism to fester, despite the whims of the world.

The world may not understand you or your journey, but that doesn’t make your story or your legacy less poignant, and it certainly doesn’t detract from the hope that emanates from your pores.

Choose today to live your unique story with unbridled passion for all that is possible and feel the joy that meets you at every turn.



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