Keep Going

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

While the road may be difficult, it is not unmanageable. You are stronger than you could ever imagine. This road is not for the challenged spirit or the faint of heart; it is traveled by Warriors. It is a legacy of courage and of inspiration. When you feel tired, despondent or out of options, keep going, for there is always HOPE…

Keep going because:
– From ebony gardens, the richest beauty grows.
– From darkness, we sincerely appreciate the light.
– From trials, we relish in the splendor of blessings.
– From the angst of the unknown, we find the simplest moments of gratitude.
– From pain, grows the smallest, surest seeds of opportunity.
– From strife, we languish in the beauty of blessings in the moment.
– From pressure, we find the pulse of our reality.
– From others, we learn the beauty of community.
– From hurt, we discover the meaning of forgiveness.
– From confusion, we navigate the road to true clarity.
– From vulnerability, we embrace compassion.
– From fear, we find our voice.
– From anger, we understand our shortcomings.
– From aloneness, we distill our faith in the possibilities.
– From what’s seemingly impossible, we overcome anything.

Keep going.

keep going


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