The World’s Illusion

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Being is more important than having. Abiding in joy is more important than the world’s perceptions.

Choose to not become what the world calls you. Instead, understand that your life isn’t a possession to be justified, but a *gift* to be shared. Even as others misunderstand you, choose to embrace them with joy and forgiveness; after all, their misunderstanding doesn’t determine your value.

You are worth far more than a material world can comprehend and you are worth more than your efforts. Never confuse your value with the world’s slanted view of usefulness. Instead, compassionately understand the world’s illusions and short-comings; you belong to something much, much bigger.

You are part of a vastly bigger continuum of love. Likewise, the love you express in your every day life is part of an even greater love that stretches beyond time and worldly precepts.

Today, know that you are accepted just as you are, just as you sit. Feel the love that emanates from the joy of being truly, uniquely you and give yourself permission to be good to yourself, each and every day.

the world's illusion


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