Let Yesterday Be

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Yesterday was yesterday and it doesn’t define today. No matter the struggles, the pain, the mistakes or the grief of the past, today is new and shiny and bright.

Yesterday happened; it is in the past. It is not your legacy or your hallmark. Dwelling on the past detracts from the incredible possibilities of the present. Understand what happened and then let it go. Let go of the pain and set your soul free. Embrace the lessons you learned and make the conscious choice to move forward.

Today is full of unique and powerful opportunities to shape your reality how you see fit. Don’t inject yesterday’s problems into today’s peace, and choose to rise above yesterday’s defeats by paying them no attention today.

Your journey is renewed each morning; see beyond the pain of the past and embrace every moment of joy and gratitude for this amazing day that is yours to live right now.

let yesterday be


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