You Haven’t Given Up

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Take time each day to relish in what you’ve accomplished. Your victories are many; the struggles you’ve overcome are badges of honor. Your strength of character is far beyond what you could ever imagine.

The fact that you haven’t given up is a success in itself. Today and from this point forward, choose to give yourself more credit than you have in the past. Celebrate the footprints you’ve left in the sand and the path that has brought you this far.

The true spirit of success lies in the small victories, the fundamental moments of every day life. Seek ways to celebrate those victories and the beauty that unfolds each day you’re alive.

Your life is a legacy of courage and you are stronger than you could ever imagine. Recognize that you, my friend, have a warrior spirit: one of courage, perseverance and hope. No one, no condition and no circumstance can ever steal that from you. It is yours. It is YOU. And you are remarkable.

There’s a reason you haven’t given up. Cherish that, nurture it and celebrate how amazing you truly are.

you haven't given up


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