Don’t Chase Happiness

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Just as life is a journey, not a destination, happiness is a lifestyle, not a result.

Don’t set conditions on your happiness and don’t enforce benchmarks on your joy. Doing so robs the positive possibilities of this very moment.

If you continue to chase happiness, you will find ways for it to elude you, but if you embrace the beauty of life as it is right now, you empower yourself to be filled with unconditional joy, no matter the circumstances.

Choose to see happiness as the way and enlist it as your guide through the most challenging struggles. Today can be a good day, but only if you make it so.

Instead of wanting or waiting, simply make the choice to feel the positive emotions that are within your control. The world will live by its own whims, circumstances will befall you and tough days are inevitable, but you most certainly have the strength to persevere and overcome.

Choose to make today great by the conscious choices you make. Illustrate your world with joy and happiness and feel the strength that emanates from living positively and on purpose.

don't chase happines


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