This Too, Shall Pass

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Are you embroiled in one of life’s struggles?

Does it feel as if the challenges are multiplying as you watch, an onlooker, unable to rearrange the chips on the board?

Is the pain so great that it nearly takes your breath away?

Know this, my fellow Warrior: whatever you’re facing right now, whatever is causing your hurt or heartache, will pass. Even in this moment of turmoil, you must arm yourself with hope and know that all of the shackles that hold you will release.

No matter the depths of the darkness you feel, it’s no comparison to the light that is within you and all around you. Your courage could light the world; let it shine.

Hang in there, hold tight and never give up. The pain you feel is temporary and it is the pathway to your most powerful asset: perseverance.

You are unstoppable, even when it feels as if you’re standing still. Never underestimate yourself or the amazing feats of which you’re capable.

You, after all, have the soul of a Warrior.

this too shall pass


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