Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Our pain isn’t meaningless. It isn’t frivolous or a bothersome interruption. It is more than a label or a cause and effect.

Our brokenness reveals something about who we really are; it’s an insight into our soul. It touches us in our uniqueness and most profound individuality.

Each of us suffers in a way no other human does, but in our suffering we can relate and empathize with one another. Our paths are different but our journeys similar. Our brokenness is a connector and a lifeline to the walks of others. We are never alone.

Brokenness is a powerful road to progress. It’s a fork in the road where we decide what our legacy will be.

Although its purpose may elude us a times, its meaning in our lives is no less profound.

The world’s definitions and connotations of broken are useless; ignore them. Instead, choose to embrace a deeper meaning for the pain you’ve experienced. And while brokenness doesn’t define you, it has helped to build the strength of your soul and it’s part of our powerfully positive legacy.

Take a moment to embrace your brokenness, not as a label or an excuse, but as a part of the rich foundation you stand on, bringing you to this very moment today.

Our brokenness is a beautiful sign of strength. And we must never, ever forget that.



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