The Opinions of Others

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Living solely for the love of others is a pathway to pain. It’s a set up for a let down.

Let go of the opinions of others. Live compassionately, navigate by faith and live true to your own compass.

Don’t take the actions and words of others personally. What they do and what they say is filtered by their own prism and their own bias. Their opinions reveal truths about their journey, not yours.

Peoples’ reactions to you are grounded in their wounds, experiences and past; those reactions are not a reflection of you as you truly are.

Accept feedback from others as it is: feedback. Seek to understand it and the perspective of others but don’t internalize it or adopt it as part of your authentic identity.

Your worth and identity have nothing to do with what others perceive your reality to be. Reject the notion that your value stems from the approval of others and embrace yourself for what you represent and the individual you truly are.

Set yourself free.

the opinions of others



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