Value in Every Obstacle

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Just as obstacles in life are inevitable, so are the opportunities that accompany them. How you view challenges is the proverbial fork in the road. Make the conscious choice to walk the road less travelled.

Sure, it may sound nice to swap your obstacles for those of another, but that trade is likely even, in the scheme of things, and you’ll probably find those challenges just as difficult as your own.

Working through difficulty reveals your authentic self. It builds confidence, unearths inner strength, unveils your purpose and shapes your conscious legacy. Seize the obstacles you face, head-on. Don’t resent them or avoid them, excuse them or bemoan them.

Turn your:
– obstacles into opportunities
– strife into success
– challenges into conquests
– and trials into triumphs

Feel the accomplishment that accompanies the hard work you put in to overcome the obstacles in your path. Embrace your newfound strength and understand that your abilities lie far beyond what you could ever imagine.

value in every obstacle


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