According to Plan

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Has your life gone according to plan? It’s likely that life has twisted and turned and tumbled on you, and even if events and milestones didn’t unfold how you anticipated, your reality is no less beautiful. Through the riptides and undercurrents, your beautiful sea is an ocean of opportunity.

Nevertheless, accepting your unique reality can be a challenge. Even through difficult times, do not resist the reality that is yours; embrace it. Let every situation be just and only what it is, not what you think it should be and certainly not how others think it should be. When you acknowledge what’s truly happening, you are free to choose an empowering reaction. You are also able to live authentically, for when you resist reality, you are imprisoned by it.

Chips will fall as they will. But with each chip that falls, an opportunity is available to live life on purpose with gratitude and hope.

Life gets messy; plans get juxtaposed, yet your unique sea is beautifully and completely you. Take a chance today and enthusiastically ride the wave of this story that is only yours to tell.

according to plan


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