Life’s Changes

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Don’t hope for change, that infers that you are a victim. While your journey hasn’t been easy, you are not a helpless victim. You are strong, capable and courageous.

Change is a powerful force, especially when you wield it for good in your life. Change within your life typically occurs under extreme emotions – inspiration or desperation. Whatever the root cause or underlying factors in your life, choose to view change as a good thing.

Quite simply, *be* the change; embrace it. Don’t hope or wish or pray for a different type of change.

See change in a whole new light, as a catalyst for forward progress in your life. Resolve that change will powerfully and positively shape your journey and embrace the strength that comes from it. Although you can’t change your circumstances, choose to change how you see them.

You adopt an empowering perspective when you recognize change as the spark plug for positive growth in your life. Start today.

life's changes