Bury the Hatchet

When you agree to bury the hatchet, don’t leave the handle sticking out.

Forgiveness isn’t always easy, but when you give it, give it completely.

Being wronged by another is inevitable. We are human; we make mistakes and sometimes hurt one another. But we’re also resilient. We all have the ability to bounce back from hurt; it may take some time, but the choice to move forward is ours to make.

Don’t allow someone who’s hurt you to take up space in your head. Don’t allow yourself to obsess about the wrong of the act or to worry about what could have been done differently. Those things don’t matter now. What happened, happened. It is now your choice to forgive; that is the choice that will set you free.

Forgiving another opens the door to much-needed healing and eventual peace.

Take a chance today and believe in the healing power of true forgiveness. Bury the hatchet and bury it completely. Feel the freedom it brings.

bury the hatchet-edh

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