The Enemy of Progress

The enemy of progress is indifference. The opposite of prosperity is indifference. The one thing that will thwart growth is indifference.

Indifference is poison.

Indifference wages its war silently. It creeps into our mind through our insecurities and breathes negativity into our thoughts. It touts that we will not matter; it asks “why try?” It lies and tricks and catches us off-guard. Choose to eradicate indifference from your life, and remove its far-reaching tentacles of disinterest, detachment, passivity and neglect.

Find footing in your dreams. What do you want in life? What do you want to achieve? Fighting indifference is as easy as setting small goals and benchmarks that put you into motion and demonstrate your forward progress.

Smile more, be thankful more, embrace enthusiasm more, share laughter more. Get excited! This is your one and only life!

Make headway to your highest, most beautiful vision in life. Your dreams require work. Are you ready to make progress? Are you ready to thrive in life? Disown any shred of indifference and adopt a reinvigorated enthusiasm for the opportunities at your fingertips.

The future is yours. Claim it with an unbridled passion for all things possible.

the enemy of progress-edh

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