Life’s Journey Isn’t Linear

If life hasn’t turned out how you planned, make the conscious effort to embrace the life you’ve been given.

Life’s journey isn’t linear, and we can’t expect it to be. Life is messy, complicated and inextricable. The path for which we’re destined is designed to make us stumble but not be flattened. It’s in our stumbling that we find our true selves; we uncover our strength and our authenticity.

As we stumble, we may encounter pain. We may encounter fear. Our lives may be changed forever. But there is poignant beauty in life’s lows. Trials shed light on even the smallest blessings. Challenges inspire us to find the good; and it’s there, if we’d only look up for a moment.

When we look up, we find that we have a great capacity for happiness. Embrace the radiant energy that happiness brings. Life isn’t linear and that’s okay. Not everything’s perfect and that’s okay. Sometimes things stink and that’s okay. Tough moments don’t last forever.

No one can reveal the truth that lies within yourself. No one can ride out the lows for you. Likewise, no one can “show” you how to be happy. It must come from within.

Allow your authentic self to be revealed in the highs and lows of life. Cherish the real you and feel the joy that truth brings.

life's journey isn't linear-edh

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