Stronger than Circumstance

stronger than circumstance

Like a wave, there are chapters of life where we may feel overwhelmed with deep inner memories of what we’ve lost along the way. And yet, deep within us lies the treasure we so desperately seek: a life stronger than circumstance. A life that matters. A life loved and lived fully. A life triumphant over darkness and pain. A life for which we’re proud.

As waves on the shore, our journeys feel all-too-fleeting at times. Crashing, tumbling and gone in an instant. We look up suddenly, only to see so much past; we feel ill-equipped to deal with a new and uncertain future. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. All that we need is right before us, if we’d only adjust our perspective.

Allow your unique truth, what is most precious and beloved to your heart, to fuse within your soul. Let it become intertwined with your heart, indivisible from your core.

Listen to your truth, no matter if the world is silent or carrying on loudly around you. Let go of idealism and deal with the utter concreteness of life, yet never sacrifice your highest purpose. Dance in days of joy and double-down on determination in periods of despondency.

Where there is passion, where there is sheer will that bleeds from the heart, there is a way. Allow your truth to be seen, in everything you feel, say and do. Your voice matters. Your life matters. YOU matter.

Whether we see it or not, God’s plan for our lives is revealed all around us, in every fleeting moment. We must be observant; we must be listening. We must be ready; we must be willing.

Bridge the gap between your truth and the specific realities of everyday life. How will your deep inner currents impact the waves at your surface? How will you connect your truth to lead a life stronger than circumstance? Allow your truth to be tangible in all that you do and your circumstances will eventually give way to opportunities. It’s not easy, but when you look back on your journey, you’ll know that every breath was lived genuinely and sincerely. Your truth has the power to transcend every obstacle.
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