God is not Finished

God is not finished

Living in survival mode blinds us.

Periods of pain and strife often reduce our vision to the moment-to-moment battles within our reality, making us feel as if we’re at a standstill. Our souls stripped bare, our knuckles worn to the bone. We navigate as best we can, praying for the storm to pass.

Yet, in those tempestuous moments, we discover the vibrant fabric of our resolve, a soulful determination we never imagined possible. The pain may have stripped us, but it also left an indelible gift… A gift of wisdom, of mistake and circumstance, of will and might and fight and resistance.

Who knew that we must be broken in order to be given? In order to give?

And why have we thought all along that we had nothing to offer? How have we not seen the purpose in our pain?

Every experience, every joy, every lesson, every season of your life each build, one upon the other, slowly forming a pool of resources, giving way to the parallel currents of our unique lives. Our individual brokenness affords a profound connectivity; it enables us to share our lives and offer one another hope.

The trials in our lives are a reality of our existence, but they are not suffered in vain.

When tears fall, when your heart aches, when all seems lost, remember that your life is a beautiful work of art. God is not finished. With every stroke of the brush, the colors and vibrancy build. You are not standing still. Your story is ever-evolving and every experience has a purpose, whether you see it now or not. Allow the paint to cascade as it may and you will find that you have everything to offer.
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