Empty Spaces

empty spaces

Empty spaces are scattered within the vibrant songs of our lives.

Busy-ness, loneliness, fear, envy, worry and distraction. Drawing us in, they divert us from our purpose and consume our time. They take our “eye off the ball” and create void where peace once existed. Some empty spaces foster instability, others conceal our compass. They obscure our focus and preserve pain. They lie in our ear, telling us we’re not worthy of everything we’re meant to receive.

Empty spaces are overcome in the quietest of moments, in the most peaceful inhalation of life’s beauty. They are defeated in the calm before dawn, before our feet point to the world. Restful moments of listening have everything to do with filling the holes of reality. Prayer has everything to do with replenishing the void in our lives.

But the campaign against empty spaces can’t end there – in every waking moment, we’re offered a choice. With what will we fill our heart? How will we choose to see our circumstances? How will we deal with our reality? The questions matter, but the answers even more so. If we don’t know the answers, the empty spaces will answer them for us. They will take up the landscape. They will jockey for position in our hearts and minds. They will poison our peace, hold our hearts in pain and prevent us from growth.

How do you wish to live today? The mark of your soul is unique and beautiful and capable of anything. How will you dedicate the moments you’ve been gifted? The spaces are yours to fill and yours to nurture. The song that’s written in every space of your life is to the tune of the choices you make. Choose today to leave no important question unanswered and find your empty spaces fill with a song that far surpasses any vacuum of the world.
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