Choose to Live For, not Live Through

choose to live for, not live through

What is it that you dream about?
What makes your soul smile?
What inspires you to jump out of bed in the morning with the excitement of a child?
What sets your heart ablaze?
Do more of *that*.

Claim your deepest desire and fulfill the highest aspirations you have for yourself. You are free to do what you really want, if you really want it. Time, money and circumstance aren’t standing in your way, no matter what you tell yourself. What are you waiting for?

Buck expectation and don’t let the world box you in. Nobody defines you, but *you*. Don’t make excuses and kick the victim to the curb. Resist the temptation to quietly leave your purpose unfulfilled, and refuse the society’s judgment when it comes to your passion.

You are so much stronger than you believe; you are far more courageous than what you can comprehend. Stop selling yourself short. Your purpose is yours to craft, yours to nurture, yours to decide.

Your own convictions are at stake. What do you stand for? Don’t let your lack of choice *be* your choice.

Choose imagination over procrastination, action over stagnation and will over won’t. Every moment of your life has prepared you for this. Choose to live for, not live through. Don’t bide the time you’ve been gifted, live it! Fully and truly and uniquely live it!

This jump is yours to make, yours to choose. You, my courageous friend, have nothing to lose.

What are you waiting for?
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