The Battle of the Mind

battle of the mind

The battle of all things begins in your mind. Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right. It’s a crucial choice, and it’s yours, alone, to make.

Nobody can be determined for you; you must dip into that well of resolve. You’ll never discover your destiny if you never have the courage to try. Step out into the world and find what sets your soul on fire. Do more of that. Life begins outside of your safety net.

We all have undeveloped potential that lies just beneath the surface. How will you bring it to life today? How will you bring it to life tomorrow? What about the next day? Each sunrise requires a new commitment to your calling. Every day is a fresh start to bring your dreams to life.

Don’t allow your fear of failure prevent you from moving forward. Mistakes will come and go; stay focused. In the hours where temptation to give up is strongest, the most valuable lessons are earned. Persevere through the obstacles and create the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Look in the mirror. That is your competition. Vow to be better than you were yesterday. Vow to be even better tomorrow. Small improvements are still forward strides. Your road will not be easy, but it will be worth it. You have been called to this life for a reason.

Set your mind and keep it set. Your dedication and determination will give way to the life you’ve always imagined. Choose to make it so.
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