Noise is a growing challenge in our lives. Busyness, distraction and emotional stress become more difficult to overcome the longer we allow them into our lives. Exhaustion, fear, anger, grief and anxiety jockey for stronghold over our peace. And while noise is a fact of life, moments of solitude help us hear above the circus.

I prayed this morning to hear God’s voice; it’s a prayer that comes from my lips nearly every morning these days. I want to live the plan He has for my life. And yet, there are days where I’m my own worst enemy. What happens when we struggle to hear His voice in our lives? How can we come closer to Him? How can we know it’s His voice we’re hearing?

It’s possible you’re hearing Him already, without even knowing it. If you long to hear His voice, perhaps He’s asked your heart to listen, and that’s a valuable step forward. We can kindle the conversation with a simple prayer; He is always listening. God speaks through His word, our thoughts, our conversations with others and our circumstances.

But how do we know it’s God’s voice? It’s a “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12, NIV).

The Hebrew word for true prophecy is “naba,” literally meaning to “bubble up” (versus “boil up”). God’s voice “bubbles up” from our innermost being, whereas thoughts from our own mind are progressive, with one thought leading to the next (“boiling up”). God will always say things that align with biblical principles and His essential nature. Words from God quicken our faith and build our peace.

Peripheral noise is a challenge in our daily lives. Take a moment to pray that God will spread peace and quiet through your heart today, preparing your soul to hear His intentions for your life. I will be on bended knee beside you.


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