Climb the Mountain

climb the mountain

Life asks great things of us. As we take up the challenge, there will be gaps in our knowledge. Some days, the plan will not be completely clear to us. Naturally, it may be a source of unrest, but it’s not something to fear. Life is full of gaps, just waiting to be understood.

While you may feel immobilized in overcoming something you don’t understand, choose to press forward anyway. The gaps in what you know are not gaps in your life; they are periods of time where much is asked, but much is given. Have faith that when you don’t know what you’re dealing with, it will be revealed in due time.

Our paths are like climbing a mountain. Set your feet and take one step at a time; keep your eyes and heart open. Plan and be diligent, but also be nimble. Admit wrong turns, refuse to dwell on previous steps, and be grateful for the view ahead. Seek the wisdom of friends and take an active role in crafting your journey. Slowly, you will bridge the gap between who you are and who you’re meant to be.

You are stronger and wiser than yesterday. You have the ability to overcome anything you wish; the choice is yours and yours, alone.

Not every question has to be answered in order for you to move forward. Take what you have, use what you know and climb your mountain, knowing that faith will carry you through.
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