Patience is a calm, steadfast, positive attitude despite life’s circumstances. The peace of patience cannot exist without adversity, and patience can never be learned without challenge. Patience is not easy, which is why it is incredibly valuable.

Some days, we become so ensconced in the busyness of making things happen that we forget to wait patiently for God to bring the details together. Take a step back, inhale deeply, wait patiently and keep a faithful attitude as the facets unite.

Pride demands that things happen in our own way, according to our own earthly sight; it is the root of impatience. We forget that God’s vision extends far beyond the horizon of the human eye or heart; He sees farther than we could ever imagine. His plan for us is limitless.

The devil can’t control a patient person. Recommit each day to God’s plan and vision for your life. Do the best you can with what you have. Be persistent and understand that every closed door guides you to the one that’s open. Become alive and connected with God’s plan for you life; trust Him, rely on Him.

There is nothing more powerful than confidence in God’s plan for your life, and patience will allow that plan to unfold as it is intended.
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